About God Defined

GOD DEFINED is a brand that worships God by higlighting an attribute of God with each randomized item. We want these items to be a reminder of who God is for each person who encounters them.

It can be easy to go through life and forget about who God is and who He can be to you. We let the stresses of the world overwhelm and consume us regularly without looking to the one who holds the world in His hands.

God isn't just here for our own benefit. He has attributes that span time and go beyond the brevity of the lives that we live. Those aspects of God should be acknowledged and honored by as many as would choose to do so.

What will you receive?
Those who love God serve a multi-faceted being. Our life's experiences highlight those different facets in ways that are personal to us. We hope that you can relate to what you receive in a way that's personal to you. So, what aspect of God will you receive?